Current Announcements:

  • 1. Technology Help/Tutor/Classes - Classes start again in the Fall.
  • 2. Greeting Cards, on Fun Page, (currently under construction).  Order cards from Di by email.  See samples on the fun page.  They can be personalized.

Computer Club Website: 

Contact Di for Technology Tutoring:  Computers, Apple Products, Ipad, Iphone & more.

Computer Club Website: 

Royal Highlands Computer/Technology Club for residents.  See article in our community newsletter and Join!

Only $10 per household/per year.  Monthly speakers and free membership to the Apple networking group (which meets monthly - September thru April. 


Tech is not easy - Call me!

Technology Software Instructor & Virtual Assistant

Renew your Tech spirit.

Virtual Assistant & Computer Teacher, Lady Di

Did you ever say...

  1. I can't get anything done, or
  2. Life is so Frustrating,
  3. Why is everything so hard these days?
  4. Technology is so Hard. 

                    I Can Help!

Contact Di for Questions about additional services you need.

Email me:

Virtual Assistant:   

"Jobs or Tasks...I can do for you"

  1. Computer/Tech HELP, Windows 7 & 10.   Apple Ipad & iPhone. Contact me about classes online or at our Rec Center Meeting Room.
  2. Marketing publications, such as designing Flyers, Brochures, Business cards, Newsletters, Greeting Cards, Holiday Cards, Personal Birthday Cards, Small Signs and Banners, Posters made/decorated for your event, PowerPoint presentations, Letters, Labels, Resumes and almost any Word Processing task.
  3. Social Media Set-up and Instruction,  ie:  Facebook.
  4. Research,   Business or Personal.
  5. Design and set-up a Website:
  6. Organize your Files & Folders:  ie:  On your computer.  (Bring your computer to me). 
  7. Set-up an Excel Spreadsheet  for "Personal or Business."
  8. Word features.

On-line Classes, (Per your request).

Easy Learning - I can teach just one technique at a time, (for example),

  1. Email - I can teach you just how to send an attachment or just how to save a photo received in your email.  YOU tell me what you want to know and we tackle one subject at a time.  Taught by Email and access for downloading handout from my private password page.  Also, we can use the Telephone, Facetime, & Teamviewer to check in on your progress or answer questions.

What do you need for these classes:

1. Internet connection

2. email address

3. Reasonable fees - based on number of techniques you want to know.

Email me:  dbinder2004 or call, (352) 323-1328 - leave a message and phone number to contact.

This is for anyone who wants to learn the proper way and not be frustrated. Beginners welcome.