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Virtual Assistant:

What is a Virtual Assistant?

  • Takes care of a task for you - (clerical, marketing, digital, also - I make greeting cards and can personalize for you.
  • I am the perfect assistant, if you do not have time, maybe you find it hard to figure out , or you cannot take care of that task anymore.
  • Maybe you simply need help.

What can I do for you?

Give me call and we will discuss options.

What do you want?

Thank about how I can free up your time and effort.


Reasonable Rates.  Based on your needs and the amount of time to complete the task/Job.  Send me an email on the "Contact" page.


Technology - Computers and Various Devices:

  • I love working with technology and helping people increase their skill level.  I have spent years as a teacher and trainer, most recently filling my retired hours as an adjunct computer instructor for the local College.  Also, I volunteer as the President of our local Computer Club and facilitate classes. 
  • Most of my students are over the age of 50 and just learning the new skills available today.  My students are made to feel comfortable with learning these new features of technology and often return for more instruction.  

The word, "Computer or Digital" is somewhat scary when purchasing a laptop, desktop, tablet, music player or smart phone.  And, then when you turn it on......you say, "How does this thing work"? 

I understand that all of these new scary things out there can be overwhelming, so let me help you feel at ease & build your confidence.   

"Knowledge is Power"   

Virtual Assistant & Computer Software Tech, Let me do the work!

​Former Tech Instructor!